Judging Week

Loeries JudgingJudging Week is one of the main events to be held during Loeries® Creative Week™ Durban. See the 2015 Judging Week programme here.


The focus of the awards is to recognise and reward the best examples of brand communication in our region. The role of the jury is to reward excellence and to inspire greater things; the aim of the judging process is to seek out work and ideas that are exceptional, out of the ordinary.

All work is judged according to five criteria:

  1. An innovative concept, bringing new and fresh thinking;
  2. Excellent execution;
  3. Relevance to the brand;
  4. Relevance to the target audience;
  5. Relevance to the chosen medium.

Work must meet the first criterion, "an innovative concept, bringing new and fresh thinking" to be considered for a Loerie award. Work that excels in all the above criteria - work that is judged to be effective communication by the jury - represents Creative Excellence and will be rewarded with the highest accolade, a Loerie Award.

The Judges

A panel of South African, Regional and International industry leaders will have the formidable task to seek out work that is bold and innovative, and that challenges convention. Click here to see the judging panels

Judging Procedure

All entries are judged anonymously - this means that the judges do not know the agency that entered the work and judge only on the merit of the entry.

Judges' votes are confidential and are only seen by the Jury Chairman and the CEO of the awards. Judges are not allowed to score their own work, and are not allowed to participate in any discussion regarding their own work. Judges are not allowed to move entries between categories during judging.

Entries are judged in two rounds. In the first round, judges vote In/Out for each entry. Entries that make it through the first round are finalists. The finalists are then discussed by the panel and judges are allowed to motivate for any piece that did not make the finalist list.

Judges vote again on the finalists and the entries are scored between 0 and 100 by each judge. The final scores are not shared with the judges and it is the Jury Chairman's role to review the scores and determine which entries will be awarded.

Entries are judged according to the criteria given above and the scoring process does not guarantee that an award will be given to all finalists, or that and award will be given in every category. Entries in the main categories are eligible for Grand Prix, Gold, Silver and Bronze Loeries, while Craft entries are eligible for a Craft Gold award as well as a Craft Certificate.

Signed copies of the ballots are kept for one year after the judging takes place. Please check the Loeries Terms and Conditions for additional rules of entry and submission criteria.

Judging Panels

Entries are judged by specialist panels comprised of leaders in their fields. The Loeries are internationally recognised and are the only award endorsed by the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA), the Creative Circle (CC), the Brand Council of South Africa (BCSA), the Commercial Producers Association (CPA), IAB South Africa, the Exhibition and Event Association of Southern Africa (EXSA), the South African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID), the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) and the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA). Click here to see the judging panels


Finalists will be announced each day during Judging Week as the results become available. All winners will be announced at the awards ceremonies during Loeries® Creative Week™.